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Originally Posted by Manuelsv View Post
I would add.. Don't ride hung-over.. That got me once on light rain.. Trying to escape the girls house before the walk of shame! Anyhow over the years I have learned that you should not ride when you are not 100% able to devote your attention to the ride! Worried, depressed, stressed, angy.. or Late! Your emptional state can be just as detremental as alcohol or drugs! First take a few minutes to calm down, regain your focus, or decide not to think about it and then ride!
I agree.

The last time I went drinking and riding was to meet someone from ADVrider who was in town (about a month ago). I started to ride home slightly buzzed from the 'party' area that had a lot of cruisers / Harleys (before I left - they all headed home before I did), knowing it was a bad idea... I had about 15 miles of super-slab ahead of me. Within the first mile I came to a slow-down that I didn't expect (construction at almost 2 AM on the weekend?). As we filtered down from the four lanes into one lane, a road worker there at the forward edge of the cones gave me a stare like the grim reaper... yet it didn't register why (e.g. why stare at me vs. all these other drivers in cars and trucks out here?).

Traffic got slower and slower in this single lane, even after being in it, to where we were down to like 4 MPH. Then I saw why as I passed the body and bike of who I was sure was a fellow partier who drank and rode (the news, later, was that he was coming from the same party road I was at, and his home / destination was the same place I live).

I took the chance he did that night, and the odds caught up to him.
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