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Ride results

We've made it to Cranbrook, BC, Canada without any major bike issues, at least related to the build. Willy got run off a gravel road by a trailer towing pickup on the Ashton Flagg ranch road north of the Grand Tetons and scratched up the bike a bit and Rex had a blowout north of Grand Junction and had an exciting get-off that tore the bike up more than we expected, but both guys escaped without a scratch.*
Otherwise the bikes are doing great. We had the fuel boiling issue early on but it hasn't repeated since we got into cooler weather, not that it's been all that cool but it hasn't been 106 like it was getting out of Texas. *The only other issue was fuel mileage on the two newer bikes, Willy was doing low 30's early on and the 09 bike was getting high 30's - low 40's. So we've been tweaking the Powercommander fuel mapping and finally got both of them up into the low 50mpg range.*

I'm really enjoying riding the bike. It's really nice to be able to ride down some not so smooth gravel/rocky roads and then get back on the highway, wind it up to 70 or so and hit the cruise. And even loaded up like I have it now (which is pretty overloaded, i always bring too much stuff) the weight is not a big issue. *The Cogent Dynamics suspension pieces work great, the rear shock keeps the rear end planted very well and the front springs and Racetech pieces have cut down on brake dive quite a bit. *It has a real nice ride to it that doesn't beat you up or wear you out. *The only thing I want to add is a heat shield on the header pipes near my leg. *The heat isn't much of a problem but I did burn my riding pants on them somehow. *One more thing, insulate the bottom of the fuel tanks to keep the fuel cooler.*

One other nice benefit of it still being a KLR, when we were fixing the damage on the 05 bike we went to the Kawasaki dealer in Grand Junction. They didn't have any of the parts we needed in stock but they had an 08 KLR in the shop with a blown engine and they let us rob parts off of it as long as we paid for replacements. *I doubt we would have had that kind of luck had we been riding one of several other brands I can think of. *

Time to go find dinner. More results down the road.*
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