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My first snap with Vertigo was when I was in college. I had a bit of a hangover and slept in a really warm room that night. When I woke up I was lying on my stomach but facing left. I shifted from left to right when the room started spinning, BAD! I sat up and it felt like I had the bed spins. Started cold sweating, freaking out a little, then it calmed down and I went home. Doc said BPPV, caused by little mineral crystals forming and rattling around in the part of my ear that controls the feel of position. He said, "similar to kidney stones". This gave me closure, but no cure.

Then I did my own troubleshooting. If kidney stones are prevented by staying properly hydrated, I'll give it a shot. I noticed my spins were usually more pronounced during hangovers, so I started pushing water. Not soda, coffee, beer, but WATER. Low and behold, it worked. Now (about 10 years later) if I start feeling dizzy or like my balance isn't all there I have a big glass of water or two. I've started putting in those low calorie flavor packs to help.

Good luck. This ailment sucks.
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