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Originally Posted by Scratch33 View Post
Out for a day ride in the twisties some years ago. Girlfriend's on her Viffer and I'm on my FZ1. After a couple hours we swap bikes - she takes off leading. We come up on a tight downhill lefty with unexpected gravel in the curve - I lose sight of her in the turn. As I complete the curve I look up ahead to see my Fizzy sliding down the road in a shower of sparks and GF sliding towards the ditch, limp as a rag doll.

Swapping bikes is not the same as lending bikes. If the Swap is even remotely equitable, you're covered. Plus if the bikes are similar, there's a pretty good chance the other rider is able to handle yours and vice-versa.

If I borrow a bike, I am both willing and able to pay for the repairs, pay the deductible and/or buy the bike. I think about this BEFORE I accept the keys. It took me a number of years to realize that not evereybody shares this philosophy when it comes to taking risks with other peoples' property.

One of my ex's co-workers used her car at lunch time while they were car pooling to work and managed to write it off. Not only did this bitch fail to pay the deductible but she never even offered to pick my ex up from home, despite living fairly close and knowing my wife had no alternate transportation to get to the carpool rendezvous. I was never allowed to meet this woman lest I should share my opinion on the matter.
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