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my buddy asked if he could come over and ride one of my bikes since i have 6. i said do you have an endorsement? he said, yep!

so i get on my vmax and put him on my fury... he cant figure out how to get my helmet strap through the loops... so i helped him get it on... i got kinda nervous but he swore he could ride..

he goes to start my bike but every time he puts it in gear it dies... i was like cmon bro the kickstand duh... but again he swore he could ride...

i went ahead and pulled halfway up the driveway and noticed he wasnt following so i stopped and looked back...

suddenly, my honda fury was full throttle up a huge dirt bank in my front yard... then straight across our gravel parking lot straighjt for our work trucks... full throttle... his feet werent on the pegs... the front wheel was locked up because he was mashing the front brake for dear life... it was roosting gravel with the rear tire... i was like CLUTCH! CLUTCH!!!

luckily he went down right before he smashed one of the work trucks.

so i put him on a honda hawk 400. he did better but in one turn he target fixated on a huge jacked up black ford f150... he took his feet off the pegs and went right into that trucks lane... luckily the truck driver was awake and went completely off the road....

then pulling back into the driveway... i pull up and stop and wait for him to turn in... he pulls into the driveway but front brakes it... so it washes out... but then he mashes the throttle while trying to hold on... he was pinned under the bike and it was spinning around and around with him under it... it threw gravel in all directions... i was like KILL SWITCH!!! HIT THE KILL SWITCH!!1

sadly that time didnt go so well for him cuz his leg was under the exhaust pipe....

he never asked to ride again :(
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