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Originally Posted by GSDiva View Post
So, as a scooterist, how did you find this site? Do you do long distance travel?
Who services your scooter in Denver? Erico? Sportique?
You seem to have a (common) misconception about scooters. While they aren't usually that good for off-road riding they are very capable bikes. There is a scooter section on this forum

Erico services ours currently but I haven't been particularly happy with them so I'll probably change next time service is due.

FWIW, this is my ride map of states I've ridden one or more of our scooters in:

The scooter I have in Breckenridge is a Piaggio BV 500 that I've GPS'd at 98mph (crossing Nevada) and still had some throttle left but mpgs suck at that speed. It isn't all that difficult to rack up miles on it. It is what is called a sports tourer in Europe not a city scoot. In 2012 I rode either it or the Aprilia Scarabeo 500from Houston to Washington DC via Natchez Trace, Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge in the spring for a conference. I rode from Breckenridge through Rocky Mountain National Forest up to Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore, Sturgis, Walls, over to Lake Geneva for Amerivespa then around the lower part of Lake Michigan, taking the Lake Express Ferry back to Wi. There I went a more northernly route back with Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Cody, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons back. I put approx. 11,000 miles in trips of over 700 miles each on the scoots that year plus another few thousand around town (Houston) or doing day trips like Breck - Georgetown over Guenella Pass around to Evergreen, up Mt. Evans and back to Breck.

Year before Breck through the Utah national parks to San Diego then up the Pacific coast and back through Yosemite and US 6/50 (talk about lonely roads I saw more wild horses than people, cars, trucks and motorcycles combined on those roads crossing Nevada.) Plus a few days in the Twisted Sisters with my brother and a couple of his friends who were riding BMWs and V-Stars. I wasn't the slowest in the twisties either though I'll admit that all of them could have outrun me on the flats but not without getting a serious ticket.

I'm seriously considering entering the scooter cannonball next year depending on when and what route they decide on. ocean to ocean across the USA with a max displacement of 250cc though unlike many I won't be doing it on a 30+ year old scoot but a 2005 Vespa GTS 250 since I'm not a fan of rebuilding on the side of the road as has happened on more than one occasion with the vintage riders.

Ride reports are on my blog but I haven't updated it since the DC trip - need to get the trip to Lake Geneva last summer up and the one from California to Houston in March where I rode my son's Sports City back for him since he changed school. Nothing like 1,712 miles on a 250 in 4 days including detours such as Oak Canyon between Sedona & Flagstaff. Hit the rev limiter on it a few times around 88 mph (94 indicated but it isn't exactly accurate and I didn't have a GPS mounted to check actual but it runs about 5-7% high.) Until this week I've been off 2 wheels after an accident at a rally in April but I've been cleared so I'll be riding more after we pick the scoot up from Erico on Friday.

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