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When I was in the process of moving, my partner and I switched vehicles. I took his jeep and he took my Weestrom. One morning just as I am getting out of the shower, the phone rings. It is the police department where he was, letting me know he was on his way to the hospital and could I arrange to pick up the bike, now lying on the side of the road. As I was 1,000 miles away, that was not possible.

A long day of driving his Jeep to his location, I find out he washed out the rear end in the rain when he locked up the brakes trying to stop for a red light. Considering he had years of experience, most of it on an SS, I was surprised at the crash, but it happens.

Bike wasn't a write-off but damage was pretty good. Insurance fixed it up good. He hasn't ridden since, the memories of surgery etc. still linger in his mind years later.
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