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Originally Posted by hippiebrian View Post
In. Dude, you have me cracking up! You's hate traveling with me! I ride sometimes 6-700 miles one day and maybe 200 the next day depending on what I find or how I feel. Great writing!

That's exactly how I always want to travel...just wandering the countryside and seeing whatever comes my way...changing direction at a moments notice based on the weather or an interesting road I've never seen before...stopping for roadside attractions for 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on what I see. I always start off that way...or, at least I start off imagining myself as the kind of person who can be that way. Hell, I changed the destination of this journey from Florida to Colorado just a few hours before leaving. I congratulated myself for my flexibility and easy going nature. In reality, however, I'm obsessive and once I've got a destination in my mind, I can't appreciate anything that doesn't get me closer to said destination. I would skip meals and ride to exhaustion if it were up to me. That was part of the draw in bringing Mike along. He's my polar opposite in this regard (and a few others), so I thought he might rub off on me little. His life seems much more relaxed than my own.
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