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Day 1

Day 1 - June 21,2013
Orting, WA to Ardenvoir, WA
227 Miles

At my house in Orting ready to start. I'd say we are both a bit on edge. Not much sleep the last few nights because we are too excited. Can we actually do this? I've riden motorcycles most of my life but I've never riden 300 miles in a day on any bike and my motorcycle camping consist of a weekend trip last year when the WR was new. Might as well start big. Lets go!

Our plan was to go over the Nachees to Whistlin Jacks then hook up on parts of the WABDR for the trip north to Canada. We snomobile here a lot and its a good thing they leave these grooming maps up year round. I'd hate to lost on day 1.

First fuel stop at Whistlin Jacks and Dean is still giving me the "this might be a bad idea" look.

On the WABDR heading to Cleman Mountain

A couple of shots from Cleman Mountain

Wenas Road to Ellensburg

This is our elk hunting camp that was burned last year in the table mountain fire. Dean was bow hunting here during the fires and was told by the Forest Service he should leave. Good thing he listened. I happened to be camping there also the night of the lightning storm. Remember my one and only bike camping trip? I left the next morning not knowing what was heading our way.

Near Lion Rock

Deans look has changed by out last fuel stop in Ardenvoir. I just told him 10 more miles and we can stop for the day and drink beer. See how happy he is.

Final stop for the day at my parents house near Ardenvoir. We eat a steak dinner, have hot showers and beds to sleep in. This Adventure riding is easy.
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