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Yes, C is quite the Wordsmith.

I especially enjoyed the passage:

"Riding the 300 is like having sex with a diminutive supermodel who's perhaps had a little of the old powder-on-the-blade to wake her up. It's thin and bony, fast and a bit noisy. There are unexpected bumps where you expect the smooth curves of a well-rounded woman. However, throwing a leg over and having some fun is a for-sure grin-bringer. She'll wake up saucy and get fast quick. She can hold her own in conversations with bigger, nastier broads who vie for your attention". (Chisenhallw, 2013)

This brought back fond memories of my youth and the "model type" girls I dated.

Many of these young ladies modeled for such places as Cabelas, Pioneer Seed Corn and the local Lube&Shine.
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