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The 2nd visit was to the Posala which is an amazing spectacle. Full on warfare between villages on horseback.

When we went the police ended up firing machine guns into the air in order to prevent two villages getting too carried away and actually killing each other . I can't seem to locate any photos of that trip at the moment.

We just discovered on our latest ride that there's a car ferry from Sape in Sumbawa to Sumba each day at 9 am. Its an 8 hour crossing. Sumba is definitely on my places to ride bucket list.

We need a Sumba RR Ricky............
Any idea what it costs to take a bike on that ferry? And on that note, how long/how much $ to get to Kalimantan? I'd really like to bring my own bike over from Malaysia. The closest Indonesian ferry ride to me is either an hour ride from Melaka to Dumai Sumatra or Johor Baru to Batam island. However, the regs for shipping a Malaysian bike into Indonesia seem to be so fickle and massively expensive some times. I'm thinking to ride Indonesia on my bike it would be less complicated to ship it from Malaysia to Malaysia - the Peninsula to Sarawalk and then cross by land into Kalimantan and then once in Indonesia ship it to where I want to go.
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