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You had me at "2 wheels"
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Possible Interest

Possible interest here, but I too have stock KTM crash bars. As long as it is clear of front mount points on the bars, I may be interested if the cost were right. I have two bikes and would do both bikes.

I'm willing to bet the cheapest way to do this (bulk) would be to find a fabricator with a flowjet, and send them the patterns. Then just press and weld the wings on when you get the cutouts. I know a guy that did some frabricating on a car manifold adaptation last year and it was MUCH cheaper to just part it out to a flowjet shop rather than having someone custom cut each one with tool and die. Much more consistent too. If you contact Flowjet ( they will send you a listing of all fabricators that will part out. My understanding is that once the set up fee is covered (scan pattern into the computer), most fabricators will cut pieces for the cost of the material plus approximately 10% since labor is SO much less (it could cut all parts for one pan in less than 2 min.). If you get enough pre-orders, that could really bring the cost down. From the pictures, it doesn't look like that much material, just a lot of cutting if done by hand and of course the welding. Those flowjet machines are incredible! Saw one cutting some 4 inch thick aircraft aluminum once and it cut it like butter! It would have no problem with 1/4 and under thickness.

Just a thought.

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