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Originally Posted by Goofy Footer View Post
Question for you guys - In your opinion how does this race compare to other races (Baja 500, Nat H&H, Norra) from a racer's perspective?

-ie fun factor, price/value, race terrain, accessibility (to event and for pit crews), safety, bad-ass-ness factor ha

I'm just trying to get a lay of the land. V2R is the Longest Off-Road Race in the US which is badass!
NORRA Mex 1000 is the most FUN race.

The course is 2 track, so of course it can't be as technical as a Nat H&H.

V2R has lots of rocks, powerline roads, lots of rock, lots of silt, and of course lots of rocks.......most likely there is a rock with your name on it out there.

Prolly the best pit access of any race. Your crew can hit most of the pits

Everything else (Price/value, safety) is all relative and are what you make of them.

V2R is a good race to step up and play with the big boys.
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