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Originally Posted by Cat0020 View Post
Even though I've had decent experience with my Chinese made vehicles, they are still a ways from the Japanese vehicles from the 60's.

My 2008 250cc Chinese scooter has turned over 14k mi. this year.

Other than flat tires, blown fuses and broken speedo/odometer, the scoot has been rock solid. Require minimal maintenance of air in tire, oil change, battery charge... beyond that just gas and go.

The CVT drivebelt and battery are still in decent shape, both OEM items, from 2008.

Though the materials are starting to show decay, the body plastics are starting to develop cracks from vibration, windshield has also developed a small crack that keeps getting bigger as I ride more.

FWIW, China is not the new Japan.. having intimate knowledge of both cultures, the manufacturing principals are vastly different... and there are great friction between the two just base on those principals.
Hey Cat, I expect you already know about this but I'll mention it just the same. You can stop that windshield crack by drilling a small hole at the end of it. I've done this on several windshields and it really works.

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