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Originally Posted by hooligan View Post
I too am very interested in this thread. The 250cc machines, both the Yamaha's and Honda's seem quite capable, not to mention affordable. What size are you guy's physically, height and weight? The Honda is $2000 less than the Yamaha, why did you choose the Yammie? It's obviously more dirt worthy but both are dirt road worthy?
To me the WR is a no brainer. The Honda is not nearly as good as the WR in any category. It's heavier, has unadjustable suspension, and a 1/3 of the power. Even though they are both 250cc, the honda puts out about 18 hp, while the Yamaha is closer to 25-26. It is a huge difference, and if you're going to be packing the bike down as much as these guys I'm sure the 30% power advantage helps tote yourself around a lot better. I have a video of my WR against the Honda if you're interested.
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