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Originally Posted by hscrugby View Post
Now to depress this thread.
One of my best friends in high school had a cbr600..

Well he thought he got his gf pregnant, needed money, sold the bike to me fairly cheap with the deal he could still ride it some, and if his finances got back, he'd buy it back...
I rode it a few times, had it for about 2 months. Saw him at a friends house, I didn't realize he was in a bad mood (girl yelled at him and told him wasn't even his kid, she was still pregnant) he apparently downed a bunch of shots of vodka, saw me, asked to take the bike for a spin.....

Some friends saw me asked if I'd seen Mike, told them he took my bike for a spin... we hopped in a truck and went hauling ass to try and find him hoping he wouldn't get pulled over, in a wreck etc.

Troopers were already on the scene, and a state trooper had already almost gotten to my parents house to tell my folks I was dead. He hit the back of a empty logging trailer on the side of the road upwards of 100 the police guessed. His head/helmet cleared the back of the trailer, not the rest of him or the bike. I didn't touch another bike for about 8 years.

Now for the other side, I was on a buddy of mine from college that had spare bikes, (sponsored racer, had several older bikes laying around) so we "plated" a cbr600 for me.. Which meant we put a plate from something else on it, cut a hole in the race fairings and hooked up a cheap light from walmart, and a cheap tail light. two sided tape for some "turn signals" (just some yellow lens covers so it would look like it had signals. there were no lamps behind them) we rode together a bunch no issues. then we were riding at a "spirited pace" down some country roads, I hit a deer going that "spirited pace" somehow I flew through the air holding the deer, and didn't die. the bike plowed into a bank ~3'-4' tall and disintegrated. both rims shattered, etc etc. the engine split apart, total disintegration. I managed to come out "ok" for the speed, cracked sternum, tons of ribs, both collar bones, a bit dumber etc... then walked most of the way back till he noticed i wasn't catching up and came back towards his dorm. (I was out of school, he was still in college. )

I offered to pay him for the bike, he told me to not worry about it...

damn. damn. some good lessons in this!
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