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15,000 mile report
14,000 mile report was on May 9, 2013

Rode today, and discovered a little quirk of this bike: we parked for about 15 mins to drink water and take pics, and as usual, I tend to leave the key ON since my headlight is switched and I usually don't run with the headlight on, and when I started back up, I was backfiring, wouldn't idle, all the same old symptoms I've experienced several times I've had (or thought I had) problems. This time, as I rolled along I pulled in the clutch and switched off the key, then switched it back on, resetting the system, started it up and it ran like a champ the rest of the day. I am gonna make sure I switch off the key every time I stop for a break from now on, something is weird with my CPU.

Bike is running great, did the 15th oil change before the ride, strained the oil and also cut open the filter, didn't see anything alarming, for this bike. Running half Mobil1 15w50 and half Mobil1 0w40. Temp sensor and fan are working reliably, fork has not sprung a leak again, and new Toyota fuel pump is working great. The zip-tied front fender held together fine.

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