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I just took a glance at SS and transit distances:

Day 1: longest transit and SS before refuel: SS~ 24miles + Transit of up to 80miles - an optional refuel = up to 40miles until refuels.
This shouldn't be a problem. Only question: Is somebody bringing our fuel to richwood service park, or do we have to dump the fuel ourselves or find somebody?

Day 2: SS 35miles + transit of 61 miles= 96 miles total. This might be a bit of a stretch for some and maybe me (hard to guess SS gas mileage). Anyone know if there are gas stations on the transit route for day 2? I am probably just being paranoid here and it won't be a problem, but just want to be ready.

Regardless, if you see me on the side of the road with a syphon in my flailing hands please stop!

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