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Just a quick thanks to the mastermind of this. I've had mine installed for about a month and have since taken the Tiger over some pretty rutted washboard and the light has not moved.

Best of all, it's effing bright. I hope I'm not giving Mr. Pilot's secrets away by letting on that this LED module is typically a warning light that you'd see on a police car or fire apparatus. Yeah, it's that bright.

Safety enhancements like this present a curious predicament when you have to assess its value. You'll never know if one day the extra visibility of having this light saves you from a seriously pear-shaped outcome because having it installed changes the outcome in your favor. No distracted driver with their nose mostly buried in their iPhone is going to ever pull up beside you, roll the window down and say, "Good thing you have that auxiliary brake light or I would have just plowed into you at 45 mph." But it might just do that...
- Rob
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