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Day 2

Day 2 - June 22, 2013
Ardenvoir, WA to Ashcroft, BC
346 Miles

Here's me with my folks. They left for there own Alaska adventure about a week after us. 2 months on the road in a truck and camper. That would be nice but we have to work for a living and only have 3 weeks. Maybe our paths will cross. Yay right, like tha'ts going to happen.

We took the WABDR out of Ardenvoir but hit the highway after Lake Chelan because I had reports there were still some snowed in sections. This is a big turbine at a rest stop from one of the damns along the columbia river.

We were back on the WABDR near Twisp. A couple of shots between the North Cascades Highway and Conconully.

There were miles of the these ponds and marshes up in the high country. I expected to see moose at any minute. We didn't.

Here's some vid dean took of the Ruby Grade. For some reason I didn't get any pics, probably too scared. Its steeper than it looks and if you go over the edge its all over, "cept for the cryin". (Sorry vid no worky, check back later I'm trying to figure it out).

Gas in Conconully. They don't have a bathroom or a garbage can. You have to go to the state park for those things. They just want to sell you stuff. I don't blame them, my wife doesn't like me messing up the bathroom and leaving my trash around either.

We hit the Night Hawk border and were asked the usual questions. When I told him where we were going he looked at my Dunlop 606 and said "You're going to burn the nobbies off that thing. You need better tires."

Once we hit Canada we slabbed it. I really wanted to do the KVR on this trip but we were afraid there just wasn't time. Its close to home so we'll be back someday soon to do it.

Here we are at The community of Spences Bridge on the Thompson River in BC. My aunt and uncle live just up river from here. They have a cattle ranch and we were told if we make it today there would be a ham dinner waiting for us. We better get moving the skies are getting dark up river.

We didn't make it before the skies opened. Thunder and lightning all around. Nice to have a hay shed to pull into.

A couple of pics at the ranch once the rain stopped. Now time for a shower, beers, a ham dinner and another bed to sleep in. Man this Adventure riding is easy.

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