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Originally Posted by scholz View Post
I just took a glance at SS and transit distances:

Day 1: longest transit and SS before refuel: SS~ 24miles + Transit of up to 80miles - an optional refuel = up to 40miles until refuels.
This shouldn't be a problem. Only question: Is somebody bringing our fuel to richwood service park, or do we have to dump the fuel ourselves or find somebody?

Day 2: SS 35miles + transit of 61 miles= 96 miles total. This might be a bit of a stretch for some and maybe me (hard to guess SS gas mileage). Anyone know if there are gas stations on the transit route for day 2? I am probably just being paranoid here and it won't be a problem, but just want to be ready.

Regardless, if you see me on the side of the road with a syphon in my flailing hands please stop!


I have a buddy coming up for the weekend. I was planning on having him drive my truck to the service areas. Everyone on the board is more than welcome to throw your stuff in my truck. My question is this: if we do choose to refuel at the service area, do we have to have the 2 man rule with fire extinguisher? If so, I'll bring one of those as well. If anyone knows, post up and I'll throw one in he truck Wednesday.
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