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Originally Posted by GSDiva View Post
Oh, no, no, no, you misunderstood. I am totally impressed with the miles lots of people rack up on their scoots. I have been close to buying one many times, but I would want a large cc scooter with a little heft to it, like yours. Because, I have back issues, I worry about tire size and suspension although I think the Aprilias have larger tires than Vespas. At least they did when I first looked at them several years ago. I will look at some of your ride reports. I've only recently come back to the forum because I wanted to learn what people have been saying about the new 2013 GS, so I missed the scooter forum.
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.
Ah, sorry I misunderstood. In Colorado we have BV 500s. Same engine as the Scarabeo but a slightly different body style. The Scarabeo has better suspension and seat than the BV 500 in my opinion. I use an airhawk on the BV for long trips but not on the Scarabeo. There is a newer model BV 350 that has almost as much horse power as the 500 but a more efficient engine that many people absolutely love. Plus its maintenance intervals are more than 2x longer than the older engine. If I were considering buying a new one I'd give it serious consideration. Last week I had breakfast in Breckenridge with a gentleman from Tennessee who was up here with his BV 350.

Both the Aprilia and the BV have 16" tires on the front and 14" on the rear. Stock on the Vespa GTS is 12" but I know quite a few folks who have switched out the 12" stock tires for the 13" Youban wheels the MP3 uses and have been very pleased with the change.

I've got a hip that occasionally acts up which is one reason I ride a step through frame - aka scooter. For the upright seating position is the most comfortable. We used to have a Suzuki Burgman which is a huge favorite scooter for those who have ridden cruisers but I didn't find it as comfortable as the Italian traditional styled ones we own. Its also a pig at slow speeds and moving around the garage but both the 400 (lighter and easier to move around a garage) and the 650 are ones you may want to look at. The new BMW scooter has also gotten good reviews but its step through is so high I figure I might as well ride a traditional motorcycle. Plus its is having some new bike teething issues so I'd wait a year or two before thinking too seriously about one. The BV 350 doesn't seem to be having as many issues and it was sold in Europe for a year before they brought it here.

Come up to Breck while I'm here and I'd be happy to show you ours.
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