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It would be very easy to make a plate to replace the stock plate and then just bolt on the plastic sides. The other possibility is a carbon fiber plate which I would have done, but at the time we didnt have carbon on hand and time was limited. I thought about the touratech design, but figured that touratech already builds one for $200. So if We could come up with a stronger one that has a better shape for similiar money then we might have some interest. I know several friends have been poking me to get several more made.

I know this one is strong enough: I was decending Timichi Pass (I think thats how its spelled) in colorado with the bike fully loaded. I crossed a stream and the front wheel rolled over a rock and flipped it up in the process...the skidplate took the hit as the bike slide up onto it. The bike stopped moving forward and was pretty much balanced with the rear wheel slightly touching....then the bike rotated on the skid plate about 30 degrees counterclockwise and I fell over...I was pissed at the time but it was a funny situation.

Does the Touratech bolt to the stock cross member in the front or does it replace it with a stronger cross member/brace? The stock casted aluminum seems a bit like crap to me.
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