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Originally Posted by Toysrme View Post
The value in silver making for the entire game is the Panther/M10. It makes 85% of the silver the top tier-8 premiums make, but costs 45% of what a good tier-8 premium costs. Also, it goes on sale for 1/2 off every 3-4 months. (when it was last on sale a few weeks ago it was $6usd, if you pay using UGC's I got mine for $4usd LoL).
High rate of fire
Reliably pens everything it faces (only tier 7-8)
High mobility
Cheap repairs
Cheap Shell costs

it wont hard-carry wins but it only requires about 1000 damage delt+spotted+tracked to make $40k. 1500 makes roughly $75k income. *extremely* efficient tank to run.
I'm diggin mine so far...

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