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Originally Posted by scott P View Post
Mary Here!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.

I took the day off from work today to have a relaxing day and do a few chores I wanted to do before I go to dinner with the family. Scott decided to come home for lunch and stayed home. Since he's been home the rice he was cooking wasn't being attended to and boiled starch water all over the stove, he has left me some of his dirty dishes to take care of, talking during the show I was watching. I was trying to catch up on some shows I had recorded. I put it on pause to step outside for a minute. Then he comes out to ask me if I had a program on pause. I asked if touched it..... I love him but he picks the wrong time to pretend to spend time with me. . ADV take him away When is the next trip? I wish he could get some honey doo's done but it is pretty hot out. I better go and see what he is getting into now before there is something else I need to clean up. I'll put him back on the computer to see if he can stay out of trouble here for a few minutes.
We share the same birthday.
If it stops raining now, i'll be pissed!(BEANTOP)

It's mostly Dan........I knew he couldn't keep a secret(SCOTTY P)
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