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Day 6 & 7

Spent day 5 relaxing in Seattle and woke up early for the first of many ferries to come. Bainbridge. It was slightly drizzly and I had knots in my stomach. The previous summer, my ride had many ferries and they were always unpleasant. Get their early and then wait a long time....

This was no different...although as a commuter ferry, that wasn't necessary. I met a couple of guys who were headed there for the weekend on a Triumph.

The view of the Seattle skyline from the ferry was beautiful.

Made it to Port Angeles where my dad helped me find a nice place for lunch and I made my way to the next ferry.
Guess who I ran into??? Aaron. One of the boys from the Mt Rainier loop I did a couple days earlier where I tried to deter them from taking the 25 which was closed. This is when Aaron told me the whole story and we had a good laugh about it.
Another fella also came up to me and asked if I was SpecialAgentNancy and offered up that he'd been following my thread on the Alaska forum trying to find a riding partner and then asked what made me change my mind from taking the Anacortes ferry to Sydney.

Contrary to how it usually works, we were loaded last.

Aaron and I shared a bench with a nice couple on vacation and once we arrived in port, went to visit his wife (they run a kayak business together).

Aaron offered to give me the tour of Victoria on his V-Strom so off we went.

Sometimes it's fun sitting on the back....take better photos that way.

Gorgeous neighborhoods.

Now I might be partial because I'm originally from Montreal but it always seems to me that no matter how 'low-income' a neighborhood is, the yards are always well groomed compared to U.S. cities.

We rode around different neighborhoods and the university.

Lots of harbors with boats. This is Jim Clark's yacht.

Aaron offered me a place for the night but I had an invitation from Yatman just outside of Victoria.

This was my room for the night. Flannel sheets and super soft comfy bed.

Marleen cooked burgers and made a delicious salad for dinner.

That night, Wyatt's mom came over....what a pistol she was. Very beautiful still, full of pep and vitality and a strong personality. I enjoyed chatting with her but the eyelids were heavy and I headed off to bed.

The next morning we had a hearty breakfast and got ready to leave.

I had nearly 400 miles to go to get to Port Hardy for my ferry the next day and Wyatt and Marlene rode about a third of the way with me to Nanaimo.

I didn't really stop be honest, I was rather disappointed with the whole Vancouver Island. I'd read a lot of RR about how amazing the ride along the island was this or that but all the way to Campbell River, it was just a 2 lane divided highway without much in terms of scenic views.
Perhaps what everyone was talking about were all the smaller dead end roads that branch off from the 19. Once past Campbell River however, the road went down to a 2 way, single lane road with some twists and Port Hardy itself was a cute, sleepy town.

Some gorgeous flowers, in fact, a veritable flowerhouse.

Checked into my 'anti-septic' hostel. Squeeky, metal bunkbeds with a cheap, thin plastic mattress.

Hit a little bit of rain but nothing too heavy. Walked along the waterfront.

Went to bed early as I needed to be at the port by 5am for the ferry to Prince Rupert. Some funny events were to come....
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