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because I can
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Dellorto's . . . and a BMW 336.

I prefer the rubber mounted Dellorto's over BMW's clamp mounted units. I like them without the choke too. One less cable. I just use the pumps versus the choke. My Dell's don't have the enricher bodies on them and they have the pumps disconnected. It would be impossible to start but I have Dell's with ticklers like a /2 Bing.

One reason I like Dells is because the airbox snorkels fit them. I have late model square airbox snorkels on mine with no radiator hose and double hose clamps like in the photo above. I filed about a third of the velocity stack threads off and the late snorkels fit right on them with one hose clamp and no hose just like they do on the later stock Bing setups. Way cleaner look IMO. That and two cables versus four.
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