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Originally Posted by Werner1111 View Post
Spencer - nice work on the bikini fairing. Very creative and cool concept with great execution. To my eye, it might look better if you could move it rearwards and down a bit. Just my 2 cents. Not sure if that is possible. Perhaps it is just the angle of the picture, but the location of the helmet/fairing in the mock-up, in the very first photo, looks a bit better to me. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Great bike show pics. Lots of creative work going on.

Dropped off the RS at Irv Seaver yesterday...
Andrew, i feel the EXACT same way about the bikini fairing. I have a few ideas for changing it that I'll get around to trying one of these days... Hey, good luck with the RS! keep me posted!

in other news...

I got a bee in my bonnet to get some work done on the bike.

got the bike on the lift (the hardest part! getting it balanced so i could take the centerstand and rear end off)

then 73 minutes later had the tail of the bike disassembled

I had my buddy Spinner finish welding my centerstand tang, a replacement tab on the subframe, and grind a few bits/tabs off the parts

Then off the powdercoat so they'll match the rest of the frame:) I should get them back on Friday.

Since the bike is now defunct, I decided it was time to motivate on my 1000cc upgrade!

pulled the right side. found a good amount of oil in the air tube and cylinder:( my buddy Jan says that if I switch to the reed style crank case valve i'll get a lot less.

I pulled the conrod, which i'm told was probably a mistake. oh well. it gave me a chance to buy a new tool - the triple square socket. I also need to determine if the wristpin bushing play is significant enough to need to get new bushings... I need to connect with someone that knows better than me. if they're ok, I'll install the conrod back as-is.

I have to order new gaskets and such tomorrow. I hope the bike will be back in business next week...

And while the bike is in a bunch of pieces I took care of that stripped shaft drain hole - i detailed my work HERE (thanks adv hive mind!)

I hope everyone is well!

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