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DDM Tuning 55watt: the good, the bad, the ugly

I've had 4 DDM Tuning 55 watt HID's (5K & 4.5K) installed for about 2 months now in the headlights and OEM fog lights of my 2012 R1200GSA and this what I've experienced.

The good: awesome lighting, much better than and much more light especially in dark back roads where you really need it. Very bright in the daylight and attention getters for potential drivers who might otherwise pull out or turn in front of you. I would only get flashed at night if I had the fogs on with lo-beam headlight. No melting or heating problems of the OEM equipment with the 55 watt in. For several weeks I had no LAMPF!...until...

The bad: several weeks into the install I noticed the low beam was not coming on or would come on after restarting my motor and eventually failed to come on. Swapped it with the hi-beam and got it to work. Then one of the fog lights went out. I ordered two extra 55 watt ballasts and bulbs. I replaced both failed ballasts and all was good in the world...until..

The ugly: So originally I put in the ugly as failure of 3 of the 4 installed ballasts while I was on my 2000 mile that I'm back and had a moment to test them...well, they all worked!! Seems I need to wire them directly to the battery because for some unknown reason the ZFE has decided to shut off the extra power they need to start up. My bad :/ Which is kinda weird since they used to work with stock wiring but now they don't.

Conclusion: I know some people are getting their DDM Tuning 55 watt HID's to work with stock wiring but after a while it was insufficient on my 2012 GSA. The remedy seems to be a wiring harness coming off the battery.

DDM Tuning was very prompt getting me an RMA and the lifetime warranty means I can send as many back as I need to but the thought of screaming through a dark night on a back road and my lights suddenly going out is a bit disconcerting. DDM will be getting 2 out of 6 ballasts returned when I get's not good Goose...time to punch out!!!

Most of the 55 watt ballasts I saw were some form of the China imports with few exceptions including DDM's. I'm now looking at the Morimoto's from Retrofit Resource but I'd pay 5 times as much. They're made in Japan and hopefully not a China import in a different wrapper!!

I've scanned through most of this thread and it looks like currently FutureVisionHID ($250+ for a pair...gack!) has the best review followed by the Morimoto's ($150/pair). Although the 35 watt ballasts seem to be much more reliable all the way around...if I could just get over the power of those 55 watters...I'm slightly addicted to them now

Anyone else have a better source for 55 watters????

I have the Morimoto's 5-five's mounted and installed on all my GSA lights. I'm quite impressed with the Morimoto's...they're a little smaller than the DDM's but only slightly thicker and do not have a separate igniter. The 4300K lights are impressive at night. I tried using the Morimoto error cancelers (they call it "Standalone CAN-BUS") but they didn't work on either the lo or hi-beam. So far the stock BMW aux. fog light plugs will power up with the ballasts as does as the hi-beam plug (no relays needed for the time being and no LAMPF!). The lo-beam LAMPF! error shuts down the power after a few seconds even when connected to the Morimoto however when the lo-beam plug is attached to a relay it stays powered despite the LAMPF!. FYI, the Morimoto's power up significantly faster when it's attached to the battery by a relay. The lo-beam was the only lamp giving me a LAMPF! so I tried load resistors to see if that works. The common 6-ohm 50 watt nor the 6 ohm and 18 ohm 100 watt load resistors did the trick, BUT, even with a large aluminum heat sinks they got too hot, so now I'm looking for a suitable add-on 10 watt light which is enough to cancel the LAMPF!.

To conclude, what worked was...Morimoto 5-five's, a relay for the low beam and the low beam plug powering the relay and a 10 watt light (I just added a small marker light to the rear of my motor) and no canbus eliminators. A set of aux lights connected to the lo-beam would work as well.

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