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Originally Posted by Corbeau View Post
Yep, got the discount. Not a big one, because I only needed the plate with the ballhead to screws into the rugged mount and I already have a ballhead screwed into the tank bolts of my VFR. (And I had a 4" arm from when I used a Garmin GPS V.) Also got City Navigator North America NT (hey, it's for a sport-touring bike...)

Remember the V? 256x160 pixels of display (about 2" by 1.5"), a couple of shades of grey, basemap copyrighted 2001, loading maps from CitySelect took forever with a serial cable and you only had 19 megabytes (that's right, MB) on onboard RAM.

Methinks that after a V, having a Montana will be like going to Heaven. Especially since the V auto-routed me onto innexistent offramps somewhere in PA, back in '07...

Will have lots to learn (especially about loading points of interest such as Honda dealerships) and I'll reread your very informative posts, Emmbeedee.
I do remember the V, I bought one new a long time ago, then gave it to a friend. A good gps for its day.

CNNA is a necessity, and a real bargain, IMHO.
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