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Originally Posted by TuefelHunden View Post
JVB, which kit did you get? There are a zillion on eBay and they vary in price.

Right now I'm waiting for HIDSRUS to send me a new bulb, but it may be the ballast that is the problem and it may have to be replaced too. This is warranty stuff. I may just spend $30 and get a new set. My 55W DDM high beam has worked for about two years without a problem. It has always been a low beam issue, 35 or 50 watt.

IMO this is absolutely, positively NOT a CanBus issue. It is a ZFE issue AND not only do the ZFE's vary each year, but IMO they MUST vary in production units. I believe that because on a bunch of these threads DDM's will work for one person and not another. WebJester's info is excellent. IMO when you read most of the threads on the HID failures, it supports my theory that the ZFE's cut off is not totally the same from unit to unit.
I have this kit, and it has worked flawlessly for the last two weeks.

In my experience the 55 watt lights have many more lampf issues than the 35 watt kits. I find the 35 watt kits still produce much more than stock H7s.

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