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Just a fun update more or less. At the bottom of this post you will see that I wished I had bought the WR450F but couldn't get $3500 out of my bike. Well all has changed. The final straw was when I broke the clutch lever and the dealer told me it would be three weeks + to get a replacement and there were none on ebay. I was able to get $4000 out of my Husky which wasn't that great but what are you goin' to do. Then I bought a New 2012 WR450F for $6300 plus TTL. WAY BETTER BIKE. I did the comp computer, stock exhaust insert, programer, barkbusters, and skid plate. I liked how I could get the front end up easier on the TXC but other than that the Husky had no advantages. Thank you again Yamaha for another great bike. I try not be a brand loyalist but man, I have owned a 2012 Super Tenere, a 2012 WR250R, and a 2012 WR450F. I think they are are great bikes and potentially the best bikes you can buy for the money.

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Hello All!
I thought I would give an update as it has been quite a while. I have been riding the hell out of this bike. The only mods are listed above and are installed. The G2 made a great difference and I love the power delivery of the bike now. I have gotten use to the way the bike handles for the most part. The front end feels loose compared to my WR and my CR. I don't think that is something that will change. I have been riding the bike a lot and have gotten accustom to the oil and filter changes. Huge pain in the ass. I guess what I have to say about the bike is 50/50. The pros are. I like the suspension quite a lot. It is great for charging the trail like I do most of the time. (If riding slow it is harsh.) I have no problem doing wheelies or nose wheelies when needed. I like the brakes, I like the seat comfort. The wheels are staying true, the tires are holding up well. The bike is shifting much better. It is hard to stall. It starts very easy. Most of all is I have rode this bike hard. After 6 months it needed zero valve adjustment with the measurement being .15mm intake and .20mm exhaust. Onto the negatives. Polisport plastic SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say it enough. They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Everything cracks so easy it is crazy! So far I have cracked the front number plate and the left shroud. I dropped the bike at about 15 mph and knocked a huge hole in the left side crank case cover. I had to order this part and it took two weeks to come in. I had to order the number plate and it took three weeks to come in. I said screw it and just fixed the radiator shroud myself. The vibration of the bike is still bad but not as bad as when new.
Overall the bike is a super fun bike to ride but a poor bike to live with. I wish I would have gotten the WR450. I would trade it in but have found that I can't get $3500 out of a 2012 bike that had a price of $7300 six months ago and not even the Husky dealers will take them in on trade.
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