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Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post

Fuel injection! Hmmm? How to get a fuel pump into a /7 tank???
You could put a small non-submersed pump right beside the starter and feed it from the stock fuel crossover under the airbox.
A microsquirt injection can use the starter teeth on the flywheel for crankshaft positioning and two camshaft sensors to get the correct TDC info. With the BMW cable splitter under the tank you can drive the TPS and you can use a completely gutted Bing40 as an injector-holder+throttle-plate, and route the cabling to drive the injector through the intake air duct from the air filter housing.
Voila- almost invisible EFI mod for the airhead. (You would see the second set of fuel lines from the fuel pump to the "carbs".
(I did a project like this for a thumper, needed to be invisible because on my side of the pond it is almost impossible to get something like that through the hoops of bureaucrazy*)



* bureaucrazy is not a typo- it's a definition for the crazy in the offices of the authorities.
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