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notary assist

hey folks

so it's my understanding that one can sometimes find places that will notarize documents, and that sometimes those places don't really care all that much what the document says or whether the person whose name is on the document is actually there. these are just things that i hear. maybe i hear that a place like this exists somewhere in a mysterious land called brooke-lynn, or da broncks. maybe it moves from burrow to burrough, i don't know. again, one hears things.

hythopopically spoken, imagine that i bought a really old, like 35 years old bike, and imagine that the pile of papers the PO gave me, while authentic, were completely useless due to the bike changing hands multiple times without getting reregistered.

imagine further that the only thing i need to get the bike titled and registered to me is a notarized bill of sale.

just imagine.

anyway, maybe drop me a PM if this hyperthoptical scenario somehow tugs at your heartstrings. maybe you hear things too.
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