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Originally Posted by fred flintstone View Post
Actually this is not true (at least with shocks) there are trade offs. Fixed piston size, larger shaft means less volume of oil below the piston, all other thing equal, so more stroke required for a given level of force, and also less max damping force.

It is complicated but basically there are good reasons why a given shaft size is what it is, and not always as big as possible. The oil has to go somewhere to let the piston move through it to create damping force. The shaft diameter displaces a lot of oil, different amounts at different stroke positions. Think about the hydrolock if there were no gas reservoir. Then there's the whole materials side of it.

BTW great to see a manuf like Wilbers step up and take care of an issue like this.

There are also good reasons why the shaft is upsized on other makes of shock in place of a comparatively small amount of additional oil under the piston.

I doubt the amount of oil under the piston has fuck-all to do with Wilber's choice of shaft diameter, to be honest.

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