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ok, just a bit more info; I was too tired to deal with this last night. This is the process I have started on the index Reorganization. We are in Phase I:

Phase I - Splitting the Index into "essential" and "optional?" Your choices or ideas would be of help here (I don't want to be dictator).

Phase II - Reformatting the Index into a more logical format; my current idea is to organize the posts based upon components (wheels, suspension, chassis, cockpit and controls, bodywork, and other?). Your ideas would be of great help to me.

Phase III - Beautification of the Index. This is an optional phase, one that may take some time. But I was considering improving the index to make it more pleasurable to use (no Loaded, no pron...). This may include embedding URLs into text, and other eye candy. Again your input would be of great help.
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