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Day 4

Day 4 June 24, 2013
Williams Lake to Vanderhoof
206 Miles

Between Williams Lake and Quesnel we traveled a country road that followed the Frazier river but on the opposite side as the highway. It was recently resurfaced with a chip seal according to the project signs and may have previously been gravel. About 60 miles of grassy fields, pine forest and cattle.

I'm getting good at pictures on the fly.

After Quesnel we were back off the pavement. This road was heavily travelled with log trucks but most of it they kept watered down. It was wide and smooth and the trucks hauled ass. I followed an empty for quite a ways at 60MPH until we hit a dry section and the dust kicked up.

Out of the logging areas and back into cattle and farmland. The people who live out here are really in the middle of no where.

Getting hot dry and dusty. Rolling hills and pecker pole trees as far as the eye can see.

Not PC and I might get flamed by some but it was late in the afternoon, getting hot, there was no shade anywhere. Dean and I each had an extremely warm and foamy beer left from last night in our packs. It was the best warm beer I ever had. We were in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of 2 gravel roads and hadn't seen anyone for several hours. Apparently the road we were about to cross was the main road through the middle of nowhere because we saw about half dozen vehicles fly by after we cracked our beers. I suspect Canadians can smell a pilsner from miles away.

At the time I thought crossing the 1000 mile mark was significant so I took a pic of my GPS. Only 5205 miles to go.

We camped next to the city park on the river in Vanderhoof. Once again we get set up and a thunder storm rolls through.
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