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some thoughts

When I broke the wheels down to remove the mousses after our run in 2011, I took a close look at the front mousse. It was pinched through in no less than 18 spots. I credit it for saving us from at least that many flat tires. Yes, there are a few rocks between Vegas and Reno. The rear was fine. We ran the Dunlop 739/MX51 combo and also made the entire race on the same set of tires. I still have the 739 hung on the wall in the garage as a trophy. Yep, it's bald.

Here's some advice for all you ironmen. DO NOT view this as a race. Just look at it as a nice long trailride where you're just going to ride at your own pace...with a whole bunch of other guys. I ironmanned it in 2006 starting 3rd off the line in the class. Within the first 10 miles I had passed the two guys ahead of me because they were both on the ground from pushing too hard. Eventually I started to get cocky and over-cooked a couple of corners (and low-sided). Then I remembered - It's just a trailride. Turn it down a notch or two. I really wanted to ride every mile of that course (586 that year) and show the naysayers that I could make it. I was happy when I finished...and ecstatic when I found out that I got third expert ironman!

If you get behind someone, stay patient. The right time to pass will reveal its self. Just sit back there and make the guy nervous. Show him a wheel once in a while. He'll either crash trying to keep you back there or pull over and let you by. Either way, you're getting around him because there's plenty of time.

Here's a tip for those with an odometer than you can set to any number. When you set up your pit strategy, you'll know how many race miles there are between each of your pits. Assuming it's less than 100, subtract that number from 100 and roll your odometer to the resulting number at each pit. For instance, if you're going to pit at pit 4 and at pit 6 with 73 race miles between them, have someone roll your odometer to 27 at pit 4. As you near pit 6 your odometer will read closer and closer to 100. For me it was purely a psychological thing that gave me a lot of comfort knowing approximately where I was on the course and how far it was to the smiling face of my girlfriend carrying the platter full of munchies. I had a member of my crew who's number one priority was making sure my odometer read the proper number. This was huge for me!

Good luck to all of the teams and BE SAFE! I was a member of a three man team in 2007 and my cousin was one of the first riders to encounter the kid who died that year. I don't envy him that memory. A lot of competitors pulled out of the race after seeing that wreck.

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