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Man, what a whirlwind of a week!!! There are soooo many things to think about and decisions to be made in a very small time frame. Already this gig is nothing like the Australasian Safari.

I played with a budget over the last couple of days. After a few cuts and accepting a few discounts and stuff, my cheapest option at the moment is hovering around $80k. People that have done Dakar before will tell you it costs around $85k as a minimum, but it really hits home when you actually put your own numbers in the boxes and come to the same figure! Unfortunately I just don't have that much so need to get some help or I get to watch the Dakar coverage on SBS/Sky like everyone else. (Probably Sky because if I'm not in South America I'll be back home in NZ with the wife for a break - not that a holiday back home is a consolation prize or anything).

I met with a communications officer yesterday and discussed sponsorship proposal preparation and media releases. She was a huge help so we should get something out in the next week. I'm really hoping that will produce a positive result, or this thing isn't going to happen. It would be sooo much easier for a person living in Europe. So, get onto those "inside line" connections you have in companies in NZ and get contact details to me. I'll get a sponsorship proposal to every connection I get. That proposal will be made up of 3 or 4 different levels of packages with a range of benefits for each to suit small businesses to large corporations.

I better get onto some other arrangements. More soon. (The pace is going to pick up!).
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