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As a fellow WR250R owner - I agree - this bike is a no-brainer. Might as well take the best 250cc dual-sport on the trip. A couple of days ago - I rode a friends DR650. Compared to my WR - it vibrated so much that my butt and hands were tingly after 5 minutes of riding. He also owned a KLR650 and said that DR was known for being one of the smoothest singles of the bunch. WTF?!? The DR also felt heavy, and a poor handler compared to the WR. Granted - it had much more torque. But my WR felt just as quick. When he tried it out he said he couldn't believe that it was a 250cc single in terms of power. He also owns a KLX250S. And noticed right away that the WR was much smoother than his DR. He immediately said he was going to look at purchasing a WR250R. He's been riding forever and has owned too many bikes to count.

With that said - I tip my hat to KLR650 and DR650 owners who have the stamina to tour on big singles. Ironically - based on my recent and admittedly limited experience with the DR650 - the WR250R is a much more civilized and suitable touring machine. I tour regularly on my WR250R and I don't think I'd have the stamina to tour on one of these big singles - the vibrations would be too much. The WR250R feels much more refined, handles much better, is much lighter in weight, is fuel-injected, and gets better fuel economy. It's funny though - because it's a 250 - many people immediately discount it. These people need to try one out. It may change their mind about small singles. It's not cheap though. But you get what you pay for.

BTW - the photos you've included a incredibly spectacular. What camera are you using?

Fantastic report so far. Keep it up!

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