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Looks great! I'd be interested in getting your mounting plate and bezel if you sell them seperately.

Originally Posted by DutchVDub View Post
Because when your lights are too bright than they can limit your ability to see outside the lit up area. I do a lot of night wheeling in my Jeep and have lights underneath the rig to help see whats going on around and below the rig. If those light are too bright you can't see anything beyond the light worth a damn.

I've had to do many hours driving with just black out lights and moon light for the military and you would be amazed at how well you can see with little to no light. That's w/o NVG's too btw.
Spot on!

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Obviously this thing is highly subject, and I think it's safe to say you are in the minority. Given most vehicles these days will offer HID or LED option and most people running rally uses LED/HID.
Good to keep an open mind on this... you may be right Dutch is in the minority but he is correct and it is not subjective... just saying :)
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