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My first big, long voyage ferry where I was warned tie down straps are a must. Port Hardy to Prince Rupert.

I was also looking around for all those 'other motorcyclists' I was told I would see in increasing numbers as I rode North. Ahem, none yet....just one lonely Tiger and his horned helmet rider S.A.N. The deck master came up the ramp and looked at the lanes of vehicles waiting to board. We were all waiting a really long time. 3 hours in fact.
Anyway, he actually called my big boy a "scooter". That's right. My 500 lb Tiger 800 XC, a scooter. So the ladies at the top of the ramp directing the traffic and I had a good chuckle because when it was time to send me in, they told him they were sending the "moped" in.

After the disappointing ride on Vancouver Island, I was wondering if this $400 ferry ride was hyped up too. The actual ferry was a modern, sleek and comfortable ship. So I found a reclining leather chair, kicked up my feet and plugged in my ipod.

The clouds were fluffy and colorful with enough sun peaking through to make good photos.

and this inside passage was as impressive, if not even better than anyone had said it would be....I got a bit hungry and headed to the fancy restaurant.

I ordered wings....yes I love chicken wings. My favorite chicken wings are Hooters 3 mile island, drumsticks only, breaded, wet with blue cheese.
Just thought I'd mention that since you've seen this before already.
I also change my diet a bit when I ride. Fruits for breakfast or a salad for lunch just don't cut it for me when I'm riding 300 miles a day. I am a steak affectionado. Give me plenty of bacon with my breakfast too....

During the voyage past sleepy coastal towns and both manned and un-manned lighthouses, we passed a Disney cruise ship which billowed the Disney theme at 1,000 decibels. Imagine you are the parent of two hyper-active kids kooked up on a ship for a week with that Disney tune blaring over and over all day long..... no thanks.

Arrived in Prince Rupert at 9pm and it was still bright out.

Rode straight to the hostel.

Checked into my 3rd story (asked for 1st floor so I wouldn't have to shlep all my gear upstairs) back facing room (asked for front, street facing so I could see my motorcycle). These people can't follow instructions worth a damn...and here again, another painfully low ceiling.

I will say that it had its comforts though and a kitchen clean enough to cook in.

So I bought some groceries, including that thick, fatty rib eye steak I was craving and made breakfast the next morning.

I had a day to kill in Prince Rupert because the Alaska Marine Highway didn't depart for Haines until the next day so I walked around and acquainted myself with this cute town.

City hall was art deco with the motif's being indigeonous.

Learned that Prince Rupert accounts for 70% of the Asia-North America ocean container business.

Went to a museum where I saw this cool 'wood turned' box made with a single piece of wood.

And Kul Mom on my ADV thread suggested the fire house museum too, where they had a real REO Speedwagon!

What is the "riot act"

Didn't crop this photo on purpose...would have been a cute play on the eyes though to see a boat floating in the water at sunset with the tail of a whale like that....

The original train tracks through town to service the ocean freight business.

And wandered into this cute store and found my favorite nick nacks....Hello Kitty!

Met up with Tim back at the hostel later in the day, he was going to catch the same ferry to Haines the next morning. We talked a bit about tires and bikes (the usual ADV secret handshake stuff) and agreed to go together the next day.
The next morning had some more fun in store that involved some fried chicken and the ship's captain.
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