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Originally Posted by TommyHolly View Post
OK I spent a few hours readinig through the info and I definately think the ICEE-Cool will correct that hesitation problem from a low idle every time I rev up my 2008 BMW R1200GSA.

I have a few questions that are probably simple but I missed on the volumes of data on the other links:
1. How much does this affect gas mileage?
2. My bike is no longer under warranty but will this void anything just in case?
3. The ICEE-Air seems super easy to install, is there decent enough directions that come with the ICEE-Cool for me not to mess anything up?
4. WIll my BMW dealer refuse to work on it if I add your equipment?
5. I'd like to order both IICE-Air and IICE-Cool... how can I do so? Please PM me or email me at or call at (708) 288-7717
#1 Not much either way, unless you get more (or less) enthusiastic with your right hand.
#2 No
#3 The instructions can be found in the 1st post of this thread.
#4 No. And you can remove the IICE air as easily as it is installed if you see the need. Or set it to the 0 setting (see the instructions in the 1st post).
#5 The IICE Air vendors thread has a link for ordering. The IICE Cool is not available.

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