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Originally Posted by SafariBerg View Post
"cheapish" options do exist
  • KTM450RR rent from Chile based team 11,500 euro
  • full mechanical assistance 15,000 euro
  • ASO entry 14,800 euro
  • return air ticket $4,000 AUD
  • tyres & consumables ~ $10,000 AUD
  • contingency ~ $ 5,000 AUD
so about $63-65k AUD for the basement budget option

the malle motos guys do it for about $50k AUD but have a 80% dnf rate for first timers

flog off a certain 2nd hand 450RR to some guy and you have almost 50% of the budget already

a certain Italian did it for about 5,000 euro of his own money..................begged, borrowed and bummed the rest for both 2012 and 2013 Dakar's
Nearly there JB,

You have way too many tyres, especially with today's short stages and being on a 450cc unless you are in the leading pack it will take a while for those knobbies to get down. When you get into the dunes, don't put new tyres, keep the ones slightly used. They would be a lot softer so your tyres won't dig down as much. 1/2 to 3/4 knobbies left will work better if you don't fly through the sand.

I prefer the M16 for the front, it is a very strong mousse.

In regards to saving some cost, you can find some good teams and share a mechanic with 3 riders (to start with), you can bring the cost down to about 9,000 Euros. Else, just rent some space into a well-oiled Dakar Team and use their infrastructure to do your own. However make sure you are fast enough to not run into sleep depravation after 4-5 days.

More budget makes things easier but this does not necessarily translate into finishing the race, so keep the bivouac chit-chat to a strict minimum and get regular sleep so that your body adjusts to a rhythm.

Make sure to study the route and know your "planned" maintenance with ready to go assembly based on the terrains and towns (e.g. you want at least two additional set of complete wheels/tyres already assembled, 10 filter pre-oiled etc). There will be some bivouacs that are good to work in and others an absolute nightmare.

There is plenty of time for you to get the remainder of your budget, you are nearly there. My advice "don't rely on anyone but yourself" to get the extra cash. Extend your working hours to 15 per day and work week-ends. You will be glad to be at the starting line... and the 15 days ahead will feel like a holiday

Don't forget to simulate the action for 4 days whilst in Australia, get up at 3:30am, get on the bike at 5am, do 200-300kms, then dirt for at least 6 hours, then another 200 kms of road section. Then try to sleep before 9pm on the first day. The next day, do the same but go to sleep at 11pm, still get up at 3:30am. On the 3rd day, go to sleep at 10pm but wake up at 3am and do a 400kms road section leaving at 4am (imagine going through the andes), don't wear too much clothes so you can see how you react with being cold. That day go back to bed at 9pm. On the fourth day, wake up at 3:30am, do another 200kms of road section, then wear a lot of clothes for a 8hrs of riding non stop to simulate Fiambala. Make sure you get really hot with your clothing. Then another 300kms of road section. Of course breakfast and dinner are the only two meals to have.

If you are really keen, throw in a night ride as well in some sand dunes. This will give you a good indication of what to expect.

Spending that much hard earned $, you want to minimise the DNF potential and prepare accordingly for what you will be faced with.

Feel free to PM me if you run into roadblocks.

Good luck!
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