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Yes, I mean that.......

Very tasty looking! I also have short one on way in the first shipment, as apparently he couldn't fit two in the suitcase! I'm really not sure he tried hard enough you know!

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You mean this.

The Aussie importer, Rod at MotoToys, happened to be at the the Wings laboratory when the first one rolled off the line so he smuggled it back in his luggage . As the first on his pre-order list, I dropped the funds into his account and it turned up in the mail this week. I was forced to sit there looking at it all day until late at night, when work was finally done and the family was in bed, I migrated to the shed.

Curiosity got the better of me once it was fitted up so I fired the bike up in the shed and was rewarded with a primal rumble. Grinning like an idiot, I slipped on a helmet, idled down the road to a dirt track and let rip.

Oh my goodness, this thing sounds pleasing. Or words to that effect rolled around inside my brain as the addiction set in. I locked the rear brake into the next corner, opened up the throttle and the midnight paddocks echo'd to the sound of a V-Twin symphony and scattering of loose gravel. Twenty minutes later I returned to the shed and sat on a milk crate beside an idling bike. By now all sense of social responsibility went out the window, the baffle was extracted (in under 30 seconds) and I disappeared into the night again.

The difference in volume wasn't pronounced but it certainly had more of an edge to it with the baffle out. For longer trips the baffle may be the best compromise between sound and fatigue but in the early hours of the morning on a deserted dirt road, there is nothing quite like the roar of a bung-free V-Twin throwing bulk horsepower at a spinning rear tyre .
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