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So everyone knows that moto GP bikes are absolute marvels of modern science....but this little clip is really cool getting to see how well they have these bikes set up to adjust anything and everything!

Just watch how fast the whole rear shock assembly or fork cartridges can get swapped! These techs can probably do all of this in their sleep I'm sure.....

Anyway, I got a kick out of this...enjoy...
Yeah that's pretty interesting. I remember someone talking about suspension adjustments on modern sport bikes. "you've got 100 different combinations you can set on your bike. 99 of them are wrong." With a GP bike it's probably more like "you've go 1000 different settings. 900 of them are wrong and 99 are tantalizingly close."
For any body who's turned a wrench it's interesting to see how well thought out and easy they've made it to make adjustments on the bikes.
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