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Originally Posted by AK650 View Post
Damn.....don't know if its my imagination or not, but of the 20+ years I've been riding in AK, this seems like the most grim year ever, when it comes to bike wrecks/fatalities.
I don’t know but I think it has been worse. However the riding season is far from over.
Searched for ‘motorcycle fatalities by state’.

For Alaska ...
Near bottom of page, page 15 of 15, 2010-2011

Same as above page 15 of 17, 2011-2012

2007 thru 2011
So what I am seeing for motorcycle fatalities in Alaska ...
2007- 6
2008 - 8
2009 - 7
20010 – 9
2011 – 10
2012 – 8
48 in 6 years.
Seems pretty rare to have something like this happen where a bike hits the back of a car.
Not that rare to have a bike hit another that went down when riding in a group. No way am I going to ride with a large group but this wasn’t one. A group of 3 or 4 max is ok with me ... if I know the riders.
These guys weren’t a bunch of young squids riding fast on sport bikes. I often see such large groups like that & it makes me cringe.

About the rear end collision: I have to wonder why these guys were following the car when it appears there were two Northbound lanes at that point. I wasn’t there, may have been traffic in both lanes. But I do see a skid mark in the right lane that must have come from the second bike. Hmm ...
Didn't look like the right lane was about to end. I’d sure like to know if & how long that car used his turn signal & how quick he slowed.
If at all possible I will always move to the lane that puts more room between me & the vehicle ahead, gives a bigger cushion for error & more importantly gives me a much better view down the road. Yeah, I change lanes a lot.
And I’ll go like hell to get into an area that puts me where there is a lot more space between me & anything in front, back or sides. I do not ever want to ride or drive with a car right next to me. In town I don’t like being in those outside lanes where I am harder to see from side streets & where cars are slowing & turning off, or entering the road.

Like I said, the riding season ain’t over. Be alert & careful out there.
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