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Thanks for your input Christophe. You've given some things to think about.

Tyres: I have found in my experience with the Safari, that I like having fresh tyres every day. It may just be a psychological thing, but it seems that every time I have a "difficult" day, it seems to be that I'm on "day 2" tyres. Having said that, I have to admit that I didn't change tyres every day on the Desert Challenge and didn't really have the same feeling. The DC's were on the 530 though, so maybe it's just different on the 450RFR. I'll do some testing with new and second hand tyres in the sand here and decide from there, but in the meantime I'll probably have to have already committed to sending tyres or not, so I'll send them and maybe not use them all. Too easy.

Moussess: I got the Mousse number wrong in my earlier post. It is M16, of course, for the fronts that I have. The M14 is a rear Mousse - 140/80x18 but an enduro compound, not rally. So I have 2 M02 Rear Rally Mousses and 2 M16 Front enduro Mousses.

It is looking like I will hook up with a "well oiled" team and supply my own mechanic. Ben and I have worked together on a few Safari's and I have great confidence in Ben's calm approach and ability to just "get on with it" with minimum fuss and bother. He also has that special knack of knowing what information to pass on to me and what to keep quiet until the event is over.

I do not expect to be fast enough to service myself and survive, so will definitely commit to either a team mechanic or Ben (dependent purely on whether Ben can commit - my preference is for Be to be with me).

One of Ben's more difficult tasks will be to steer me away from "Bivouac chit-chat". It is an area of weakness for me that I will need to manage.

Unfortunately I don't have an option to simply "extend my work hours". I can work all the hours I can (actually I can't because I'm restricted by contract conditions) but still get paid the same (salary). I'm better off using whatever time I have away from work to train and get things done. I can use the spare time to sell things to raise funds if desperate (not far off that already).

I like your "simulation" exercise. I'll try and do some of that but the reality is there are only two days in a weekend and days off work are days of earnings off the budget. A vicious two edged sword.

I really appreciate your input and encouragement. Don't worry about me dnf'ing though -IT WON"T BE HAPPENING! So far 2oo2 Kiwis finished on their first attempt - I'll be making it 3oo3!!!
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