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Mav struggles on the Trials bike

I know I know, I've been slacking on the updates.To keep any interested parties updated--we've still been hitting American Fork.

We tried Mineral fork again--this time with my mom and sister on the ATV. Needless to say they didn't like being brought there. I managed to hit the same rock and tip the rock and tip the bike in the exact same spot. However, I was able to get out with zero stalls and on my first try. Any progress is progress I guess

Well, my pops thought that mineral basin would be slightly easier to get up on a four wheeler. My conclusion is nope! I rode this beast a couple of times while we were there. Let's just say I will for sure be sticking to my two wheels.

My favorite parts are around 1:18 and 5:11

As the title suggests, we did take the trials bike again. My dad was convinced if I gave it more time--that it would work out better for me. So I do try. Well previously I had semi conquered this steep foot path-esque route to the river. I say previously because I rookied it, and hit a step at a weird angle. My dad and I both thought that I had spun out the back tire--but the video shows all (upload soon)! Anyywayss I try it on the trials bike three times--and none of them are pretty. I hit a root and got knocked forward--effectively burning the crap out of my right leg. And I cant seem to manage to stay on those pegs...going up I take a rock, get knocked backwards and feet off the pegs, going down get knocked backwards grab clutch and speedy demon down the sketchiness...I do however have a blast on it driving through the little streams though.

Lots of people, I feel like assume Utah is just a giant desert where nothing green grows. We did happen upon some beautiful single track. The sand pit? Oh don't mind that.

Needless to say the trials bike is going up for sale. Yes I probably am being a premature quitter, but I'm content with the 525.
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