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Originally Posted by Alex_RO View Post
Hella has a couple 90mm LED headlamps also but a very short search turned up prices around 500$.

Found a couple more 90mm headlamps from other manufacturers but i'm guessing the prices are similar.

For the time being, 2 decent 90mm halogen lights are fine for me :). I'll check in 1-2 years what LED lights fit in place of the halogen ones.

Might be nice if the pressed fit lens protector is removable. I think the LED light might need the extra cooling from a small gap around the len's opening.

Typed from my mobile, sorry for mistakes/typos/etc.

I actually ordered the bi-LED hella lamp. But had to return it because there is no room to fit in the 990adv housing. The Bi-LED lamp was much deeper and it has cooling fins all around it.
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